The LULAC Code

The LULAC Code

Respect your citizenship and preserve it; honor your country, maintain its tradition
in the spirit of its citizens and embody yourself into its culture and civilization.

Be proud of your origin and maintain it immaculate, respect your glorious past and
help to defend the rights of all the people.

Learn how to discharge your duties before you learn how to assert your rights;
educate and make yourself worthy, and stand high in the light of your own deed;
you must always be loyal and courageous.

Filled with optimism, make yourself sociable, upright, judicious, and above all things
be sober and collected in your habits, cautious in your actions and sparing in your

Believe in God, love Humanity and rely upon the framework of human progress,
slow and sound, unequivocal and firm.

Always be honorable and high-minded; learn how to be self-reliant upon your
qualifications and resources.

In war serve your country, in peace your convictions; discern, investigate,
meditate, think, study, and at all times be honest and generous. Let your firmest
purpose be that of helping to see that each new generation shall be of youth more
efficient and capable and in this let your own children be included.