Councilmember Ray Martinez

Councilmember at City of Fort Collins

Elected to represent District 2 in April 2015, Ray Martinez is dedicated to the Fort Collins,
Colorado community in which he grew up and has over 30 years’ experience in public service.
He served three years in the United States Army in Thailand and stateside duty — also earning
the Army Commendation Medal. Ray began his career in the Fort Collins’ Police department in
1974. During his tenure, he worked closely with Hispanic community leaders, youth and athletes
to improve the relationships between the community and the Police. Mr. Martinez was the lead
investigator in an international terrorist investigation involving the attempted assassination of a
Libyan student. The magnitude of this criminal episode is the subject of two published books:
“Death Merchant” by Joseph Goulden and “Man Hunt” by Peter Maas. Historically, Mr.
Martinez was the first Hispanic Sergeant in Fort Collins police service (appointed 1982 by Police
Chief Ralph Smith) and retired from Police service in 1996 after twenty-five years of law
enforcement service. In 1999, Ray was elected as Mayor of Fort Collins and continued for three
terms, through 2005.